5B is designed to serve as a network for young writers, under 35 and of African descent, currently working on a novel. The goal of the Network is to assist the 5 members of the network in completing a novel - by way of critiques, editorial suggestions and publishing hints. However, the objective is open-ended. The first project of the network will begin in October 2011.

Interested members should take note of the following:

If interested, please contact Emmanuel by email ( Send a summary of your plot, the proposed word range, a brief publishing history, a short (or long) introduction about yourself, and any other detail you feel is important for the purpose of the project. The selection process is simple and quick; applications will be treated in the order they are recieved. Send in your email before September 20. If before then selection is complete, subsequent applicants will be duely informed. As this is not a competition, the decision of who is to become a member is entirely based on the interests of the Initiator.

Please pass this information to writers you think will be interested

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