How Innovative Are You?

Brilliant minds don't always think alike, but they always think exceptionally. That's what Innovation 360 is all about; great minds with great ideas to change Nigeria and the world. With Full scholarships and more to win, you have nothing to loose'
Innovation 360
Innovation 360 is designed to discover innovative minds across Nigeria; people who have the kind of ideas that will help solve challenging problems and move the country the next step up.

Innovation 360 is a competition designed in partnership with 4 UK Institutions – Kingston University, University of Northampton, University of Westminster and Coventry University - to showcase your innovative skills and lay the foundations for a great future. You could win a full scholarship to study a master’s degree in the UK worth over N3.5million naira.

If you’ve got what it takes, then get involved and join us on this adventure of creative discovery. Find out how the competition works and how to enter below.

Innovation 360 is a 6 weeks national competition starting from Monday 15 November and ending 20 December.

Every 2 weeks, on Monday, (i.e. November 29, December 13 and December 27) we will unveil a new challenge to test your innovativeness and creativity.
If you believe you’ve got the solution to the week’s challenge, simply send the top lines of your idea in 160 characters to our SMS short code - 32326 by Wednesday of the first week (you can send in as many ideas as you want). We will send you a response text to confirm receipt of your idea.

 The format for sending the text message should be:  Mail<SPACE>Idea e.g Mail I think Nigeria can go green by using energy efficient light bulbs...

Our in-house screeners will shortlist all SMS received down to the 30 best ideas by Monday of the second week. If yours is one of them, you then get to send in a 750 words description of your bright idea to us. This must come in by Wednesday of the second week.

The top 10 ideas are shortlisted and a telephone interview conducted. By the end of the second week, we will pick the top 5 ideas for the week that then go on to the finals.

This cycle takes place 3 times. At the end of the Third Task (after 6 weeks), we will have 20 shortlisted people who go on to the grand finale.

The grand finale will be a Board Interview in Lagos. All 20 participants get to face a Board comprising of high profile UK Alumni, UKBA and British Council representatives, with different individual and group tasks to test their creativity and innovativeness to the utmost.

At the end of this full day process, the Board will select the final winners for the competition.